Pebble Creek Condominium Homeowners Association, Denver, CO

Pebble Creek Condominium Homeowners Association

3550 S Harlan St Office, Denver, Colorado 80235-2711

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September 21, 2016 — The Board of Directors is proud to announce a management agreement was reached with CPMS, a Colorado licensed Community Association Manager. Please read the Introduction Letter prepared by Colorado Property Management Services, Inc.

Pebble Creek Condominiums is a unique place where 244 families, mostly unit owners, live in a high-density area and still enjoy high standards of privacy, comfort, and safety. The Board of Directors and the onsite Management are charged with the responsibility of maintaining those standards of quality and acquainting all new residents with the rules and regulations, which make the condominium style of living possible and desirable. The rules and information contained in the Handbook for Residents 2014 (40-page PDF) are designed to keep Pebble Creek beautiful and our property values as high as possible.

While we have absolutely no interest in your personal lifestyle, manners, or mores, we want you to understand fully that the lifestyle you have chosen of a condominium with a high density population like ours demands of its residents strict adherence to rules and regulations. These rules and regulations pertain to space and safety concerns and the highest well-being of one's neighbors and of the condominium community as a whole.

The Board of Directors and the Management are very happy to assist residents with problems when possible, but residents should always keep in mind that the nature of a Homeowner Association differs greatly from that of an apartment complex in regard to homeowner responsibilities.