Welcome home to Pebble Creek HOA! Our property is big and filled with many different residents, but some of our most frequently asked questions are the same. Browse our answers below, and if you can’t find what you need, contact property management or a board member!

For new residents:-

You need to arrange your own electric services, as well as cable/phone/internet services as needed. Xcel Energy manages electrical services in our neighborhood. Comcast, CenturyLink, and DISH Network are some of the most popular telecom services, but Denver has some independent ones as well if you search.
Trash and recycling are included with your HOA dues. There are 10 dumpster locations around Pebble Creek and you may use any one of them. In addition, we have 2 recycling dumpsters, by building 5 on the west side, between buildings 14 and 17 on the east side, marked with yellow lids. During the last week of the month, a roll-off dumpster comes for big items and is located on the south end of the property, across from building 18.
As a part of the City and County of Denver, PCHOA kids attend Denver Public Schools as their home schools. Of course, the Denver metro area has many charter, private, and alternative schools, as well as online schooling options! We are proud to send our high schoolers to JFK high—one of the highest performing schools in the Denver Public School District with an IB program!
PCHOA works with the experts at CAP Property Management. Our current property manager is Carson Wood. Call Property Management at 303-832-2971 or email Mark at carson.wood@capmanagement.com.

All payments can be made through CAP Property Management, through the Homeowner Portall: https://capmgmt.appfolio.com/connect/users/sign_in.

Mail payments to:

Pebble Creek Condominium Homeowners Association
1825 Lawrence Street, Ste 311

Denver, CO 80202

*Don’t forget to include your ACCOUNT number (not your unit number) when mailing payments*

For major interior work (such as work that requires a permit by the City/County Denver) and for all permanent exterior changes, you must get approval from our Architectural Change Committee (ACC). Find forms here: https://hoapebblecreek.org/pdf/keystone/Keystone_New_ACH_Form.pdf

We have at least two Facebook groups, and there are local community groups for our neighborhood as well! Our social media is 100% owner and resident operated. Board members are welcome to engage as homeowners, but are not responsible for official communications on this venue. There is no “official” board or management activity conducted on social media; all official communication will be by mail or through the Caliber portal.
We’ll take all the help we can get! The best place to start is by attending a board meeting, held the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the Clubhouse. We occasionally have special committees and volunteer opportunities, which we always announce at the meetings.
Generally, the HOA covers the cost of common areas or limited commons, except in cases of clear abuse or intentional destruction. Unfortunately, all of our decks are almost half a century old, and needing repairs at the same time. Contact Property Management to have your deck assessed and prioritized for repairs. We are working on these in order of safety, then in order of request. Most decks that are not life safety issues are 2-3 years out on repairs.
Unfortunately, your neighbors are homeowners—an HOA cannot “evict” a homeowner like an apartment manager would. For repeated nuisance or violations, make sure to report every incident to property management. For safety threats or crime concerns, contact the Denver District 4 Police. These issues do not get resolved quickly, but ongoing diligence helps!
The HOA board and Property Management upholds the bylaws, rules, regulations, and covenants of the HOA. If you need to dispute a violation charge, start by phone or email to the Property Management Company. If your problem requires case-by-case consideration, you will need to meet with the board, preferably at an open meeting.
We are a pet-friendly community, but some of our pet owners are not so responsible. We are offering a $100 bounty to anyone who “catches” another owner or resident not cleaning up after their pet. Take a photo and send it to Property Management—if we collect on the violation from the unit owner, we return it to you!