Join A Committee

Is your voice not being heard? Do you have great ideas and connections? How can you give back to your community? Why not join a committee! Committees match up dedicated board members with invested members of our community. Don’t let the board make all the decisions—get involved in a committee today!
Our Current Committees:
Architectural Control Committee: To ensure that our community looks its best and stays in safe condition, we have an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) that helps to define and enforce standards. If you are making modifications to the exterior of your unit, such as installing a new door, getting new windows, or changing the landscaping in front of your unit permanently, you MUST submit a request for the committee to review and approve these changes. The ACC is currently led by HOA Board President Lee Salazar.
Other Committees:
PCHOA does not have other committees in place right now, but have had some in the past to help plan the reserve budget, to plan for social events, and to coordinate planting and xeriscaping. If you have a valuable contribution to the HOA, talk to a board member about starting or joining a committee!