Parking at Pebble Creek 101

It is with great organization and patience that we manage to fit nearly 250 households into just a few city blocks! One of the things that means is that parking is very limited. How can you park properly, avoid being towed, and be a good neighbor? Keep these tips in mind!

Enforcement – Pebble Creek parking areas are monitored by contracted booting/towing companies.

Vehicle Rules – Vehicles must be street legal (meaning properly licensed, insured, and operational). Vehicles which are not street legal may be towed with proper notice at the owner’s expense. PCHOA disallows car washing, vehicle repair, oil change, antifreeze change, etc., on PCHOA property. Vehicles parked in carports must not extend beyond the boundaries of the carport. Pickup trucks shall not be permitted to extend from carports, impede pedestrians or other vehicles, nor block access to entryways or gates. Vehicles may not be parked in driveways, fire lanes, at red or yellow curbs, or in front of dumpsters.

Carport Parking – Each condo unit is associated with one assigned limited common area carport. Only cars, bikes, or motorcycles may be in your carport. Items left unattended in carports are deemed to have been forfeited and PCHOA may remove those items and dispose of them with proper notice. Owners whose assigned carport is found to be in violation of PCHOA Rules & Regulations may be assessed a fine, regardless of who occupies the corresponding condo unit. Carports are to be used for vehicles only. Bicycles may be hung or placed under the carport storage locker.

Unauthorized Vehicles In Your Carport – If you have someone towed from your parking space, you will be required to provide Exhibit B of the Condominium Declaration, proof of ownership of the specified unit and picture ID, in order to show the relationship between your condominium number and carport number to the tow company of your choice. The Declaration is immediately available on the PCHOA website, or by contacting the Management Company in advance. The PCHOA will not be responsible for any fees or costs related to individual homeowner towing of vehicles.

Uncovered / Open Common Area Parking – Uncovered parking is reserved for one homeowner vehicle and visitors. If you park in a fire lane, “no parking” zone, or handicapped space without displaying proper permit, you may be fined and/or towed. If your vehicle blocks access, breaks municipal laws for parking, or does not observe posted snowstorm parking restrictions during snowfall, your car may end up getting booted, towed, or buried in plowed snow. Vehicles found in violation of the Snow Storm parking restrictions may be towed at owner’s expense. Vehicles in the uncovered parking spaces must be moved to another location at least once per week. This allows other residents and their guests to have equal parking opportunities. Do not park in such a manner that the vehicle bumper hangs over the lawn or curb. Be aware of exhaust fumes from your vehicle when parking close to any building.

Trailers, Boats, Motorhomes, etc. – A limited number of parking spaces for certain vehicles are available in the southwest corner of the complex. These vehicles are allowed in designated areas only and there is an annual non-prorated Parking Permit Fee for the use of this area. A Parking Permit Agreement must be signed which includes a “hold harmless” agreement for damages or theft of any vehicles parked in the area. Large Motorhomes are not allowed on the complex.

If you have a special situation, or more questions about parking, please contact property management or your board of directors.

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