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The Board is aware that certain decks need to be replaced, and materials will soon be ordered.
In the event of problems such as sewer backup, call the clubhouse, press '0' to be connected to the answering service, and state the problem. The answering service will contact our Maintenance staff who will then call the preferred Vendor. As of this date, no policy exists to reimburse those who call their own plumber. The Board needs to consider such issues and publish a clear statement. (work in progress)
A mailbox key has been found. Contact the office if you lost a single key.
Never send a check to the Pebble Creek office. HOA dues should be sent to Pebble Creek Condominium,c/o Management Processing Solutions, P.O.Box 57063, Irvine, CA 92619-7063. The dues you send go directly to MPS and MPS records payments sends them to Wells Fargo Bank.
Your Treasurer, Betty Prutch, spent an entire Sunday in the Pebble Creek office, sorting through tons of paperwork, organizing, going through documents, and generally looking for issues which need immediate attention. A long overdue bank deposit is being made. Doug Hockinson also spent the day helping out, cleaning, organizing, sorting, etc., in support of Betty's efforts.
Betty Prutch, Treasurer, and Steve Hollermeier, Vice President began to organize the office on Friday, spending about three hours doing so
We could use a volunteer who is a licensed electrician or HVAC tech, to check out a few Clubhouse issues.
A domain name was registered and the website initialized. Check back often.

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