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The July Board and HOA meeting (that was postponed) will be held tonight, August 2, at 6:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse. We hope to see you there!
Tonight's HOA Board and Homeowners meeting has been POSTPONED until next week. We have had some emergencies come up for our leadership team and feel that we would be far more productive meeting next week when more of our team can be in attendance. Please pass the word along and let your neighbors know. Hope to see you next week, Wednesday, August 2nd at 6:30 for the delayed July meeting :)
Our landscaping company, CreativeScapes, had crews out today pulling weeds and applying chemicals all day. They have assigned a new foreman for Pebble Creek and are going to get our property back in shape! Our Pebble Creek Maintenance specialist Mike verified that most of our sprinkler system has been gotten up and running--the low level of the pond is evidence that we are distributing our water effectively! The grass should return to a beautiful green within a few days. Please note, there are a few sprinkler zones that are still not working, but we are actively remedying and repairing these.
Pool is back up! We had to close it yesterday due to our PH being out of whack, but it is restored and we have ordered new PH testing kits so we can stay on top of this issue in the future. Enjoy!
Pool is up and running, so go and enjoy that summer sun!
The pool was temporarily closed today (July 9th) because the pump was not working and the chemicals became unbalanced. We will monitor the pool and open it as soon as it recovers chemically, likely by the beginning/middle of the week. Check back here or at the pool for updates! Note: this issue may have been caused by rocks clogging our filter and pump system. While nobody should have to be told this, please don't throw rocks into the pool or allow your children to throw rocks into the pool. This is a costly and irritating issue that could possibly have been prevented with proper supervision of your children. Also, refrain from wearing shoes into the pool or bringing dirty equipment into the pool. We will be installing security cameras around the pool to ensure ongoing safety for everyone.
Do you want a brand-new, never-sat-upon, low-flow, high-efficiency, 100% free toilet? Denver Water's Water Sense Challenge is 100% free to homeowners, and will provide brand-new toilets AND professional installation, just because they want to help us save water and save the world! While the program covers the cost of the toilet and plumber installation, you get to coordinate your schedule with the plumber to make sure it is as convenient as possible. The downside? Well, the toilets only come in white, and will not fit under a counter. That's it! If your toilet is leaking, running, or even if you just love free new things, this program is for you! **Please note, this is NOT yet guaranteed. We have to get enough homeowners interested to qualify for the program. How can you help make sure it gets running? Sign up all your toilets, and bug your neighbors to do the same! If you rent, and you would like a new toilet, contact your landlord or rental property manager and let them know about this great opportunity. Call CPMS at 303-952-9257 or fill out our web contact form to pre-register:: If we get approved, or if we need more information, we'll let you know!
This month's HOA homeowners & Board meeting will be held on the last Wednesday of the month, June 28th, at 6:30. We intend to start holding board meetings on the last Wednesday of the month, instead of the third, in order to streamline our financial reporting and meet deadlines effectively in the future. Sorry for the late change of plans, but we hope to see you all next week!

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